Family chart

To understand each other better.
Compatibility, relationships, partnership, parenting, lifestyle, recommendations for improving your destiny.
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Meeting with one person.
If you wish to attend the meeting alone and consider two horoscopes, yours and your partner's, you will learn the analysis of two charts and astrological compatibility. You will receive a lot of instructions, learn important aspects of compatibility. You will receive the key to a successful partnership and married couple.

For a more accurate analysis of the partner's chart without his/her presence, you should provide data on his/her birth and a photo from the description of the necessary photos.

Meeting with two persons.
If you are a married couple or want to be together in the near future and want to attend the reading together, both of your charts will be discussed in detail. Your plans, health, prospects, material and spiritual development of the family. You will learn the hidden sides of each other's character, learn to trust each other and appreciate each other.

You will learn about the astrological periods that accompany your life and learn how to use them correctly for the benefit of all.

You will get recommendations about your auspicious precious and semi-precious stones and be able to order wedding rings talismans with meaning to make your life more harmonious astrologically.

This information is necessary to analyze the time of birth using the SAMUDRIKA Vedic method, which is the most accurate.

Necessary information
Full name or spiritual name
Date of birth, place and time, you can write the approximate time of birth,
Briefly describe the purpose of your appeal, your education and profession. Describe your physical traumas, the surgical operations, birth marks on the body, large moles.
Photo for women
Photo of a face where you like yourself with an open smile (where teeth are visible)
Face in profile on both sides, with open neck and ears;
A full-length photo in clothes so that you can see the proportions of the figure;
Photo of your feet
Standing on the floor, bring the camera to the feet and take a general view of the front, including the fingers and ankle (one photo)
Photos of hands and palms. you 
need good lighting so that the lines on the hand are clearly visible (no more than 2-4 photos)
Several Photos from life or a link to social networks with your photos.
Photo for men
Face, full-length photo, photo of the palms so that the lines are clearly visible.
Сhildren's horoscope
Name, Surname of the child, photo of the child and birth data

To harmonize the planets and help in your endeavors, you can order the recommended talismans with precious and semi-precious stones.



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Fill out Application form

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Pay the bill, which we will send you by email

Step 3

Set Zoom on PC or Phone.
Organize a stable internet.

Step 4

Join the conference at the appointed time.
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