Film "Manorupa"

"The perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect disciple"
HH Indradymna Swami
Film premiere in English SOON
The most magical worlds are kept in the loving hearts of devotees. It is impossible to see it just like that, it is impossible to come into contact with it when you want ...

But there are no more merciful in the world than the same loving hearts who, like Lord Nityananda, distribute this mercy to everyone without exception ...
The film "Manorupa" is the mercy that every sincere soul subconsciously seeks.
After coming into contact with the energy of love into which the viewer is immersed, not one soul has remained the same ...

You will see true love in all its manifestations.
More than 6,000 souls have already watched the film and we continue to receive new requests for viewing daily.
The film "Manorupa" is shown only among friends and well wishers, it is will not be in the public domain.

like many friends and family, we are waiting for this film in English. Soon we will finish work on the voice acting of the film and invite you to the premiere.
The film "Manorupa" is based on real events. A film-meditation, plunging into the very depths of the heart, which is always looking for love and wants to give love.

Together with videographer Amiya Sundari, ("Suria Visión", Ireland), being on different sides of the world, we created each episode, passing through the amazing experience of the life of the main characters, becoming witnesses of their perfect love and deep devotion to The Lord.
Before becoming the wife of Prahlada Narasimha Prabhu, I was initially captivated by Manorupa, dear wife of Prabhu, who left this world in February 2015.

After a while, by the will of destiny, I became the director of a film about their life. And according to the audience, the film, which was created as a gift to my dear husband, has become a practical guide for many.
With this creative and loving impulse, I gave my husband my heart, revealed all the facets of how I feel Manorupa and all the characters in this amazing story.
I wish you, dear friend, that this film will inspire you to your story of love!”
Lalita Sakhi
This film has fully captivated the heart. It is a rare and a real film. It is about the life of two individuals who lived their life , raised their beautiful children and loved one another profoundly. This film is not embellished. It shows their life as it is. And some one has such a life. For some one it did happen.
Mother Gauracandrika
He is being called a Sage of Modern Time. He socializes with high rank individuals . He is known by Malaysian Kingdom. And so he is knows as a Sage - Muni. He is a hight class astrologer with a good memory and knowledge of sanskrit. He speaks English. And a very good psychologist . Besides all that he is is also a very spiritual person. In all aspects he holds high abilities. I recommend to see him, to converse and to hear him.
Chaitanya Chandra Charan
This movie, just shows how family life can be perfect in Krishna consciousness, when Krishna is in the center.
Mandakini Mataji
I am in Mayapur to pay my respects and say goodbye to Manorupa dasi, the wife of Prahlada Nrsimha dasa and mother of Sri Nama Vanamali dasa and Sri Paramahamsa Gaura dasa. Manorupa has terminal cancer and only a few days to live. Her and her family have served for many years on our Festival of India summer tour in Poland. I told her today that she's definately going back Home, back to Godhead because in this life she has been the perfect disciple of her guru maharaja, ( Jayapataka Swami ) the perfect wife of Prahlada Nrsimha prabhu and the perfect mother of two fine sons. She is peaceful, calm and fearless in the face of death. Such a wonderful example for us all. Please all of you send her your love and blessings!
H.H.Indradyumna Swami

Interview with Lalita Sakhi dasi, author and director of the biographical film “Manorupa”.

Whatever Vaishnavas do, it always has a quality mark on it, because they are invariably guided by love, humility and great dedication. Srimati Manorupa was exactly such a person. One can see her successor Lalita Sakhi dasi to be the same. She reveals the delightful image of the film's heroine, being the second wife and assistant of Shriman Prahlad Narasimha, the original and outstanding preacher of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Such kind of relationships can truly be called Vedic.
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I understand that I'm too far from the level of devotion and humility that you show us in the film. But thanks to you and your family, my consciousness began to rise after contact with your family. I thank you for giving strength in attempts to be better, for inspiring me to be better and to try harder than I can to become a sincere devotee. Your family is the causeless mercy of the Lord on the path of devotional service. Thank you for your love that you share with us. Please accept my obeisances, dear Lalita Sakhi.

Olga Chernaya

Hare Krishna, Lalita! Please accept my obeisances. Today I experienced the happiness of being a spectator of the incredible life path of Vaishnavi Manorupa.. This story, and amazing service of Manorupa touched my heart.. I have simply no right words to discribe my feelings. I felt everything very deeply, her last prayer to her husband is the most incredible thing I have ever heard. We’re the most insignificant and simple people and we have such an example that can’t leave anyone indifferent and inspires us to follow it. And, of course, your service is exciting. How boundless is your heart as you have created this magnificent film!

ALL your family is a boundless ocean of love and our fortune is to watch the waves of this ocean. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, because it was immensely instructive for it to see and hear this love story. I will always be grateful to you. Thanks a lot!


Hare Krishna! Awesome movie!!! ... I could not hold back my tears ... I could not even imagine that in our time there can be such faith, such devotion, such love and such mutual understanding in the family ... A deep bow to everyone who took part in the creation of this film. Heartfelt thanks to Prabhu for opening his heart letting many people know about the divine qualities of his beloved wife. I was especially touched by the words of the mataji that this film is shown to those whom they consider to be members of their family.

Damodara das

Dear Lalita, Hare Krishna🙏 Let me sincerely thank you for this wonderful time spent together today! There are no words, they simply do not exist ... but the depth of penetration and immersion from contact with such an amazing experience is simply mesmerizing ... the feeling that we have been in a fragrant flowering garden and this indescribable beauty, I am sure, has settled in the heart of each of us !! ! Thank you for the opportunity to see the film, for such a warm, soulful broadcast, Prabhu's story, filled with love, sincerity and for this light, the light of your souls❤ Accept my deepest humble obeisances🙏


I was very impressed with the movie. As much as after watching it I couldn't think of anything else. At night, before falling asleep, I had thought about Manorupa Mataji and her amazing family, and when I woke up the next day, my first thought was also about them. In the announcement of the film I heard that this film is a meditation. Indeed, it’s a meditation from which it is impossible to get out. Manorupa Mataji is a modern Saint, so close and real! This is an amazing example to follow. The film inspires and gives strength to live as spiritually as possible. I am immensely grateful to everyone who has created the film and made it possible to see it.

Grebenshchikova Anna

The most important thing is that the very process of watching the film brought purification. I was very surprised by this, I was delighted of course, too. There was a feeling that everyone who was then nearby, all very dear, close and beloved people. It's incredible. Even my critical mind could not find flaws in anything or anyone.. My mind was silent, but my heart sang softly.

Prahlada Nrsimha Prabhu's words that Manorupa Mataji got the green light from Krishna resonated greatly. That He called, was waiting for her, and she did not feel the bitterness of parting with her family. It is surprising. This is only possible in Krsna consciousness.
I was shocked how beautiful Manorupa was! But we could only see photos and videos, and I imagine what kind of atmosphere was around her. It feels like I saw a piece of the spiritual world.

When Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu told how he looked into his wife's room through the glass partition at night, and she raised her hand in response, as a sign that everything was fine - it's incredible.
I have great respect for Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu, I was lucky to know his spiritual power. After all, such a family is impossible without the pure consciousness of the husband, without his kindness, care, attention. I wanted to fall into dandavats in front of him. I tell all my relatives this story and every time I bring my bows of respect.

It seems to me that it is necessary to arrange so that as many people as possible can see this film, as many men as possible would be inspired by the life of this family. Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu is very right when he says that it is important for a woman to be protected. Just listening to him, just watching how he talks about his wife, you are filled with happiness that there are such people, that there are such relationships!
Manorupa Mataji left this world perfectly happy. It's almost unrealistic now.

Recently, in my ignorance, I was preparing to leave this world. I thought, my time has come. Those were my thoughts. And I suffered so much from the fact that I had to hide my desires from myself. I had to let go of everything I love, everyone I love. I was very bad at it.. The pain in my head was nothing compared to the pain in my heart.
Then there was a meeting with prabhu. And Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu said that I still have a lot to do. At that time, I did not betray my joy in any way, because no one knew how difficult it was for me to let go of everything here. You can't even imagine how much joy prabhu gave me back then!!! I'm obviously not ready to leave yet and I don't know how to let go. It seems that Krishna has given me more time to serve here. And he gave me time to find out what was the consciousness of Manorupa Mataji and what were her last months. Krishna also gave me time to improve my sadhana. Now I am reading Srila Prabhupada's books, now I see my mistakes in service. Now I have plans for how I can be useful in the service of my Guru.

I am very grateful to dear Lalita Sakhi, for deciding to make a film, for telling about an amazing person, for helping to become purer, better. Because she shows the image of a Vedic wife, real, sincere.

I really want to watch the film more than once, it really was a meditation .. I really want to keep what was born in my heart at the moment of recognizing the personality of Manorupa Mataji.


... I froze and can't move... thank you!!!!!
The other day I saw swans, and I wondered why they dive so deep under the water. Now I understand! To get entangled in the Lotus Feet of Krishna!!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! I will keep this meditation on Mother Manorupa for the next days of my life. I'm going to Kirtan Mela.. to cure my tormented heart ❤
Thank you Lalita Sakhi!!!!


We need to reconsider many more times, since our consciousness is not able to take everything deeply from one time! We have never seen or heard such an example in our lives! In our families, you can’t learn this from your parents, unfortunately. My husband said that the way of life and culture of the Vaishnava family, the principles of building a family and the behavior of the mataji and prabhu revealed in the film is a quantum leap in our life! He always told me that we would not live like our parents, we would live differently, and we were looking for something different that would lead to harmony in the family. And we found it! We are very inspired, and we have a new incentive to learn spiritual relationships that will help us learn how to live in a family in Krishna Consciousness!

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