To harmonize the planets and help in your endeavors, you can order the recommended talismans with precious and semi-precious stones.

5 basic methods of selections of precious stones.

The first method by the position of the Moon in the horoscope, (rasi). For example, if the Moon is in the sign of Leo. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the corresponding gem is ruby or other good red stones like garnet or red spinel.

The second method is based on the nakshatra under which the person was born. Each nakshatra (there are only 27 such constellations) is ruled by one of the nine planets. This stone is considered the stone of the star under which a person was born.

The third method is based on the ascending sign, (lagna). For example, the rising sign Leo is ruled by the Sun, respectively, the ruby stone.

The fourth choice of talisman gemstone is based on preference. If a person is attracted by the influence of a certain stone, provided that it is not a dangerous planetary stone (krura graha ratna) or does not affect the horoscope destructively (located in a place of a retrograde race or an enemy race or other malefic places), in this case a person can wear a stone, which he likes. This last point should also be taken into account when choosing stones for rasi, lagna and nakshatra.

The fifth and most accurate method is based on the advice of a qualified astrologer. First, an experienced astrologer will rectify the time of birth and study the location of the nine planets in a person's horoscope and determine which planets to strengthen more favorably. The same time of wearing stones can be prescribed according to mahadashi, the main astrological period, antardasi sub-period, along with other astrological conclusions. This last method is the most powerful method of selecting gems for the correct use of their power. Consultation with an experienced astrologer is very important.

According to ancient Vedic authoritative scriptures, natural gemstones transmit astral power, just as radio crystals transmute sound!

Fine, flawless stones promote good luck, while low-quality stones have the opposite effect.
(Garuda Purana, chapter 68, verse 17).

The power of the stones comes from the nine planets (nava-graha) recognized by the Asian science of astrology.

9 planets and associated stones:
Ruby for the Sun
Pearl for the Moon
Yellow sapphire for Jupiter
Hessonite for Rahu (ascending lunar node)
Emerald for Mercury
Diamond for Venus
Cat's eye for Ketu (descending lunar node)
Blue sapphire for Saturn
Coral for Mars
(Mani mala p. 575, verse 79)

 These planets influence different aspects of life and as luminous bodies they also emit certain cosmic colors.

The colors emitted by the nine planets are identical to the cosmic colors of the various gems.
Sometimes the cosmic colors match, while other times they don't. For example, red is the cosmic color of Ruby, while the cosmic color of pearl is orange.

Gemstones enhance planetary power and enhance planetary influence in three ways.
The first direction - they add cosmic color to the human aura.
The second - astrologically strengthen the areas of life connected with planets.
And thirdly, they attract the attention of the rulers of the planets - the God of the Sun, the God of the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and so on.

There are five main methods for selecting gems.

The video shows samples of talisman rings and how to install them using yajna.
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