Reviews of the movie Manorupa

And Astrological reading

Dear Prahlad Nrsimha prabhu, please, accept my humble obeisances.

You are an amazing person with deep knowledge who always gives it easily, and most importantly, very cordially. I admire yourexample, how you live, communicate, give shelter to everyone who comes to you for help.

I had never imagined how my life would change, thanks to your consultation. I meditated for a long time to meet with you, because my friends — many married couples — glorified you and recommended consulting with you. And when, finally, Krishna created the chance for our meeting. I had a feeling that this was what I needed for a very long time. It seemed that you knew me and my family very well, you were kind like a father and sometimes strict, but this even increased my gratitude to you.

You gave the necessary vectors which I needed like air, you also removed with your correct words the unnecessary worries of my mind, showed where I need to direct my efforts so that my life and the life of my whole family could be spiritualized.

You gave a lot of food for thought. And corrected my heart and mind. Thanks to you, all spheres of my life have been filled with new energy, and my Krishna consciousness has become simpler, easier, more wonderful and more alive.

To know you is priceless! All this was possible thanks to your wife, mataji Lalita Sakhi. I thank both of you very much! I am a very fortunate soul to have received your consultation.
Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu, thank you very much.

Anastasia Pala and my family offering our humble obeisances to you!

Prahlad Nrsimha prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

We met in the summer of 2020, when I had an astrological consultation with you.

My wife and I had a very difficult situation in our relations, and through her came the Opportunity to talk with you, including on the topic of our problem. Thank you very much for finding the time and paying attention to my personal situation and to my family.

Throughout the conversation, participation, attentiveness to every word, a deep desire to help, compassion, love, unconditional acceptance, kindness and paternal support were felt very much. During the
communication, the answers came themselves, and your clarifications and Sutras-hints gave depth.

Each word is still being disclosed and, I am sure, will still be disclosed. But, most importantly, your words changed the heart in subtle way. It is said that meeting a Vaishnava can change
one's life 180 degrees - it happened to me and continues to happen. Each of your recommendations works very accurately, and following your instructions changes our life dramatically. Thank you!

It is very valuable to see your example of preaching, of following the instructions of the spiritual master and Srila Prabhupada, striving to take care of the younger ones, being at the same time a senior Vaishnava, striving to share your innermost experience of serving Krishna, your desire to help in the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

It is difficult to understand completely who you are, aS I am not yet able to appreciate fully the value of communication with you. But! can say for sure that I am infinitely lucky to get in touch with you personally and have your association. Seeing your example of service, I can only guess about the true devotion of the His Holiness Srila Jayapataka Swami Maharaja.

As my gratitude to you, I will try to continue to fulfill the instructions that you gave me. Please accept my humble obeisances!

Hare Krishna!
Bhakta Nikita (Nrsimha Lila), Ulyanovsk.


Hare Krishna, Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu!

Please, accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I met you in 2020. I was greatly impressed by the film «Manorupa», your stories before the screening and after how Krishna led you and your dear wife through the life.

It is amazing how you, among the many flaws, see sparks of merits, good qualities in people and focus on the positive, believing in the positive in the personality and inspiring people to develop talents in themselves. In the broadcasts "Questions and answers" with you, we can always get detailed answers that are full of care and support towards us. At these meetings, you fully devote yourself to serving people for 3-4 hours in order to help them get out of the thick fog into the light.

For me, you are a living embodiment, a carrier of the qualities of a brahmana, described in ancient scriptures. In all your instructions, one can feel love and equal attitude towards different people, and deep respect.

It is great luck to be able to communicate with you, who have devoted his whole life to serving God. You accept all the talents as a gift of the Lord and engage them in service, realizing to Whom verything belongs and not appropriating anything for yourself for a second. With everyone who wants to listen, you share your faith in the power of God. For everyone, find words that penetrate the heart,
awaken souls. When I listen to you, the mind very soon becomes calm.

It is a great gift to come into contact with the stories of your life, free from envy and selfinterest. My deepest obeisances to you and deep gratitude for your spiritual fatherly love and for an example of pure spiritual life!

Best regards,
Ambika dd

Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu, please, accept my humble obeisances and best wishes for your birthday!

After your consultation, my life has changed so much! I moved to live very close to the temple, 2 minutes to walk. And I became very happy! Service, mangala arati, devotees, sankirtana, so many things.

Such an amazing care from the Lord! As you said, the Lord feeds, dresses me and gives me shelter, and this is fantastic! But this is just the beginning. Now I have an Opportunity to go to Mayapur and serve my spiritual master there!!! And I humbly ask for your blessings to make it happen.

I remember everything that you said during the consultation and at that moment it seemed to me so unreal, but now it is becoming my reality!!! There is huge gratitude in my heart and I don't even know how to express it!!! Thank you!
You change our hearts, our lives, inspiring us to surrender and it makes us really happy!!!

Olga Kuzmenkova

Hare Krishna, dear Prahlad Nrsimha prabhu!
Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

It is difficulto express in words my feelings of gratitude and admiration for your service, but I willtry...

The day of your appearance in this world is another reason to talk about the great Vaishnavas like you. You are a sincere follower of Srila Prabhupada. And these are not empty sounds, but it is exactly what I saw in the practice in my life after meeting with you.

I felt that by your mercy Krishna paid attention to me and became even more concerned about my spiritual life. How can this be when there was absolutely no opportunity to settle in the temple and serve
the Deities, but after communicating with you, such an opportunity miraculously appeared?

There is no doubt that many people can be saved if they have the opportunity to be in touch with your loving and unselfish heart...

I felt that you are the person who knows and understands me best, it shows your personal approach absolutely to everyone.

Thank you for your example of perfect family life in Krishna Consciousness in alliance with the beautiful Vaishnavis, Manorupa and Lalita Sakhi, it is very inspiring for many devotees, starting Grihastha ashram. And now in Kali Yuga only a living example can truly inspire people.

I wish you with all my heart, long life and good health, because we all really need your association.

Your servant,
Priya Sakhi devi dasi.

Priya Sakhi devi dasi

Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu!
Please accept our gratitude from the bottom of our heart for your beautiful Soul. The Lord gives us life, and your coming to our home helped us find the meaning of our existence.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna
Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

You illuminated our day and our whole life. Fateful meeting. Is it possible, after such Association to remain the same? Wings grow, the heart is purifying, becomes soft and warm.

I want to create, hug my children, give love to the whole world. Thanks to your instractions and words, I again fell in love with my husband. Your words are so heartfelt, so dear.

Such sadness overcame us on the end, why we can’t listen to you forever? I wanted to become a flower and grow in your garden, just to see you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart as much as I can thank today, as much as my love is enough today.

I wish you long years of life, health, happiness, love, the Lord's mercy, warmth and kindness.

Lord, please help me remember this meeting all my life and more. Help me come closer to the image of a wife and friend that Dear Prahlad Narasimha prabhu showed me. Help us create the union of such souls that we were lucky to learn about.

Sergey and Anna Ammer

Hare Krishna, dear Prahlad Narasimha prabhu!
Please accept our sincere obeisances.

By the causeless mercy of Srila Prabhupada, our Spiritual grandfather - your spiritual master His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaja and our dear Gurudeva His Mercy Chaitanya Chandra Charan prabhu we are fortunate in this life to meet you and to have your association.

For us, you are a personified example of love for every living being. Next to you we feel ourselves as a real members of one big family of Krishna.

Your attention, care, kindness and generosity melted our hearts. We have never seen this before, even in our own families. It's amazing! This is a real miracle!

We are unable to truly appreciate the full breadth and depth of your heart. But we feel the love of Srimati Radharani and Srila Prabhupada by being in touch with you.

Thank you for your creativity in everything you do. Our fortune is that we have seen your talent for devotional service to Krishna in any activity and now we know where to go and what to strive for.

We wish you many years of life in the service of Krishna so that as many devotees and innocent people as possible get this unique Opportunity to associate with you.

With love and eternal gratitude, in service to you,

Vamsinatha das & Abhinava Mohini devi dasi

Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you happy birthday and thank you for the example that you show with your life, your devotion to the Spiritual Master and the mission of Srila Prabhupada.

I want to express my gratitude for your family which you have shown to the whole world without hesitation so that many generations could learn. You showed an example of devoted father, devotion, and dedication.

I thank you for this example of how you can use everything in service to Krishna and be happy, how to find your favorite occupation and help people by serving Krishna.

I thank you for your huge heart and offer my humble obeisances.
Your servant,

Tatiana Frantskevich

Hare Krishna, dear Prahlad Nrsimha prabhu!
Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

With all our heart we want to wish you everything the best on this auspicious day of your appearance!

We thank Lord Krishna for giving us the Opportunity to associate, take instruction and to be established by your amazing example in Krishna consciousness. Devotees like you - seniors, mature, wise and benevolent, these are precious stones In our society which must be valued and cherished.

Thank you very much for helping us change our consciousness, hearts, putting everything on right places in our heads, showing the right path, saving us from doubts on the way to the Lord.

We wish you good health, well-being and much mercy from Guru and Gauranga!
We also thank your wife Lalita Sakhi so much through whom all mercy is poured on us!
Yours faithfully,
Your servants

Madhumangal das & Nitya Kisori Radha devi dasi

Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

You are one of the brightest examples of a person of our day who devoted his whole life to Krishna. As a pure devotee, you are a gift for those who respect and appreciate you.

The love of God shines from your soul and touches each of us. The lessons you give are always very practical and full of realized knowledge.

By preaching pure love for God, you greatly strengthen our Faith. By the grace of Srila Prabhupada, we are blessed with great Masters like you! I thank you for continuing
His mission, saving us fallen souls.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Alvija Kelminskiene

Dear Sriman Prahlada Nrsimha Prabhu, we deeply offer you our humble obeisances and gratitude to Lord Krishna for the causeless mercy of meeting such an Exalted Soul like you on our path of life!

Krishna engages you in serving the devotees like a divine beacon showing the spiritual path to wandering souls in the stormy ocean of the material world, in the darkness of the age of Kali.

Every word you Say is related to Krishna, each of your advice is like father's instructions on the spiritual path. You speak directly to the souls, from heart to heart, awakening and inspiring them to take the path of returning back home, back to Godhead.

You are a devoted disciple of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaja, dedicated your entire life to serving His lotus feet and Srila Prabhupada's mission.

As atrue disciple of your Spiritual Master, you preach with such warmth, sympathy, love and sincere humor that our hearts are filled with inspiration and joy and the understanding that in Krishna consciousness we are one big family of Srila Prabhupada!

You generously share your experiences how to be happy in spiritual life and in the grhastha ashram. This is a very important experience! Your example of the husband and father, the example of Mataji Manorupa, have made an invaluable contribution to understanding family life in Krishna consciousness. How much loving service of a sincere devotee, when Krishna is in the center of the family, and the family Is truly happy!

Your example is important for us, family people, an example of the union of souls united by one goal, an example of the spiritual education of children, and this is an example not from the scriptures, so
unattainable and distant, this is a living example of our days, this is a tangible reality with which we can come into contact and it will not leave our hearts indifferent and souls asleep.

Dear Sriman Prahlada Nrsimha Prabhu, your whole life is devoted to the service to the Lord and preaching. We want to wish you that, by the grace of the Lord, Guru and Devotees, in this life you will help many and many souls find the opportunity to return to Krishna. May thousands of souls turn to God through your service! You are a wonderful tool for your Spiritual Master!

We also want to express our deep gratitude and humble obeisances to your wife Lalita Sakhi, who serves you with great love, helping and supporting your devotional service to the Spiritual Master and Krishna, devotees and all living beings!

Please accept our gratitude,
respect to you for your service!

The family of Gurinovich

Hare Krishna dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu and dear Lalita Sakhi Mataji, Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

With this letter I would like to express my gratitude to Your Family. It is very hard to do it with words, because none of them can really describe this thankfulness. But on the other hand if I do not tell You about it, You will simply do not know it.

A half of year has already passed since astrological consultation in Skype. It was for me such a great blessing and mercy to see You, to speak with You and to receive words of wisdom to all questions, that I had.

Before consultation I was sure, that the previous 2020 year was the worst in my life. I did not understand, what was happening in my life and I was really very upset. Being 30 years old and being disappointed in everything.

Till I have spoken to You and got acquainted with Lalita Sakhi Mataji. And now I understand, that the last year was one of the greatest.

You helped me to realize why all this was happening in my life and what was missing. Thanks to You I have started to change my life I visited temple, I have met during this halfyear sooo many wonderful people and I understood that these people and communication with them are what I was looking for so many years, and this in Germany, in a country, where people, I thought, never look for God.

I have started to read Prabhupada’s books and to hear Your lectures. And I have felt, that so much has been changed in me. And it is only the beginning. And this all is the result of only one consultation in Skype. It is so amazing.

Thank You so much for Your wish to help other people and for Your spiritual power to change lives. I am very grateful to meet so wonderful devotees in this life. Thank You for Your example and for this higher taste.

I look forward telling You in some years how much my life has been changed and I am sure, that there will be so many things to tell.

Because everything that is connected with Krishna is not about only «interesting». It is about amazing, incredibly, miraculously and is always the nectar!
My deepest appreciation,

Inna Wendisch

Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu, please accept our humble obeisances. Our family wholeheartedly wishes you everything the best on the occasion of your Appearance day!

We express our respect and deep gratitude to you for the example of the spiritual life that you follow.

The knowledge that you share so generously is real and alive, because everything you talk about is confirmed by your life.

We feel it and it inspires us on the spiritual path. On the path of Krishna Consciousness.

You are an example and a guiding star for many devotees on their way back home, back to Godhead.

Thank you very much for this incredible service, your kindness, compassion, love. For your example of fearlessness and faith on the spiritual path.

Along with your unwavering faith, you follow Strict principles. You are an example of a kind and gentle heart that manifests in communication with others.

You are the personification of the knowledge that Srila Prabhupada brought to us through his causeless mercy.

We send our best wishes and reverence to you on the Day of your Appearance and wish you to continue to please your Guru Maharaja and Krishna, and with your association and guidance to make even more people happy.

Thank you for the nectar that you bring to other Vaishnavas every day by your example, lectures, answers to questions, consultations, your deepest mood of devotion.
Hare Krishna!

Danilov Anar & Alexandra

Dear Sriman Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu, please accept our humble obeisances in the dust of your feet.

We sincerely wish you everything the best on the Day of your Appearance and want to express our great respect, gratitude and appreciation for everything you do, for doing such an important and necessary educational activity, and also for your live broadcasts with Mataji Lalita Sakhi, which became the greatest blessing and mercy for us during the pandemic, inspired us to wake up early, to be more attentive and focused on chanting the Holy Name, to have reverent respect for each other in family relationships.

Thank you for the taste and shakti that you convey through your lectures and answers to questions. After them, our mind becomes concentrated on the most important things and becomes absorbed in devotional service to Lord Sri Krishna.

Without exaggeration, you are an example In every sense of the word.

I wish there were more such people. Thank you for the example of a worthy man, husband, father, preacher and Vaishnava.

Those who wish to be your servants,

Druzhkovsky Alexander x Ainura

Dear and deeply respected, extraordinary Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu and Lalita Sakhi Mataji! Please accept our respect.

We wish Prahlada Nrsimha Prabhu a happy birthday from all our family! Probably there are no words of heartfelt gratitude that I want to express to you, Prabhu!

Your heart shines full of goodness, love and compassion! With the light of knowledge, you easily erase all doubts, sweep away the dirt from our hearts. How many times you have raised us from the bottom of powerlessness and ignorance with your words! How much power is in your every word, blessed by the Lord!

It is still difficult to truly estimate your presence in our life ... because you are an invaluable gift in the life, we are the lucky ones, who had the real luck to meet you on our way! Thank you for everything! For everything that you do for the glory of God, for the glory of Krishna! May your preaching continue for many years to come. We wish you and your wonderful family good health and

With love and gratitude,

The family of Yusupov

Dear and highly respected Prahlad Narasimha prabhu!

From all my Heart, from all my Soul, which you helped to find, my Husband and we want to express our gratitude to you!

I would even say that meeting with you was not justa reading, but a heart-to-heart talk.

You talk with such feeling and personal experience about some aspects of our life that we can see your ardent interest in our question and doubts.

You pass information through your heart and do not issue ready-made instructions for execution, but using examples from your personal life and from the life of your family you offer the best options for further realization of our potential.

Your such a colorful description of our future home and our family business was imprinted in the memory in colorful pictures. The video you sent about a possible version of our joint occupation with my husband directly inspired us to move forward and forward. And now we know what our family should strive for.

Special thanks for considering thedestinies of our girls. You talked about our daughters with such love that you touched me to the depths of my mother soul with your sincerity and benevolence.

We bothered you with our questions, but in spite of your tiredness and long conversation, you continued to share your knowledge. It was very soulful.

You told not only about what had happened, what would be and how to do better, but also showed how it should be done.

Low bow to you for your knowledge and your desire to share so sincerely and affectionately.

Happy Birthday, dear Prahlad Narasimha prabhu. Long life to you.

Your knowledge can make so many people happy, find themselves and show them the right path.
May the Lord bless you.

The family of Rizhakov

Hare Krsna, dear Prahlad Nrsimha prabhu.
Please accept the obeisances of our entire family. Al glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Allow me to express my deepest gratitude and respect for your service to the spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna.

You are a great example to our family, as a disciple, father, husband, preacher and servant of the servant of the servant.

We had the honor of meeting you in Svetgrivas, Latvia. First, we got to know your dear wife Lalita Sakhi, who was cooking breakfast, and it was clear how she wanted to take the best possible care of you. At that moment, we felt that we really wanted to get to know you, because she was glorifying you throughout the conversation. And when we got to your first lecture, which you gave for married couples, you said the words there that we will remember forever: "Love is devotion to God. It is not love for each other. And when the Consciousness of the Lord stands between the couple, then all difficulties can be overcome."

Just a few days later, we saw an incredible film about Manorupa which we were watching with tears in our eyes from the beginning up to the end, because we saw the amazing path of your family, the path of relationships, where the Lord is always in the center, a path that still continues.

Your family image has become a very strong guideline - what kind of a family we should learn to be in Krishna consciousness. How not to look at each other, but to look together at the spiritual master and the Lord, how to serve them anywhere on the planet, fulfilling our duties.

When difficulties happened at our festival, and people began to express various claims what we are preaching to them about God, vegetarianism, not allowed to eat meat, I remember how ashamed we felt in front of you that someone might even think wrong of you. I was so ashamed to come into your room to express all my regrets. And when I came, I saw you and Lalita Sakhi as the most loving parents, full of love on the one hand and great strength on the other. At that moment you said such words of support that Our entire team have been carrying on with them all these years! You protected us by becoming a huge wall in protecting righteousness and values, and we saw what it means to confidently carry the knowledge that Srila Prabhupada has given for us!

Also, you have become a huge support for our family in the issue of our sons, whom we adopted. Before that, we heard many conflicting opinions about adoption, but you became that great sage who blessed our first son, and after a while you blessed our second son for adoption. And I remember how all fears and doubts after your words disappeared once and for all.

May your life always be filled with inspiration and enthusiasm in serving the spiritual master! May your service be extremely pleasing to Krishna, who Is always full of mercy and compassion. Let your sermon always touch the hearts of other people and help them emerge from the ocean of material suffering and remember the Lord.

Respectfully and deeply grateful, Vishnu Vaikuntha das, Naima Manjari devi dasi, as well as our sons Vraj Bihari, Rama Krishna and Madhava.

The family of Morozov

Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu!
Happy happy birthday to you!

I don't know what to wish for a person who has everything.
I can only bring you a deep bow and say Thank you!

All Glory to the Almighty that there are people like you!

Hare Krishna! After the consultation, my world outlook changed and my life began to improve.

The most important and valuable thing that I learned from you is the importance of giving respect and reverence to my husband.

And this one quality changed my whole life and everything fell into place - family, business and myself.

With all my respect,

Rosa Espanova

Dear Sriman Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu.

Every time I congratulate you on your appearance day, I think: what is the best way to thank an exalted Vaishnava like you?) How to convey all my thoughts and feelings? I would like to both make you smile and please You.

And glorify. And joke, and say something quite serious. How to fit everything into one greeting?

I'll try to tell three short stories, each of which draws your portrait for me.

So, if this is a book, then there will be a story. Story number one. I came for the astrological reading. I came in and I'm quite nervous. In my head there is a pile of all kinds of rubbish that was put there by previous visits to astrologers.

I told you my time of birth - 9:25 am. I knew it from previous readings. You calmly nod your head, look at me, ask about something. I show my ears, tail, paws, mane. You nod again, check something on the computer. I am thinking that everything is good and running according tothe plan.

And suddenly you raised your head and said: I define your time of birth as 9:02. Not later. You are Cancer. Only a fool and an amateur can see a Leo in you. They mistake your strong Mars in the 10th house for a fiery ascendant. This is absolute nonsense.

And yet, you have carnelian in your ears and on your finger. AS soon as you entered, I immediately saw the number 12 - the Sun in Gemini in the 12th house! You are Cancer.

I stand astonished and immediately understand - after all, my mother always said so: you were born at 9 am. And she showed me a tag from the hospital. And then one astrologer convinced me that this was a
mistake. And everyone followed him.

Everyone, except you, the qualified Brahman, the true mystic, who sees with the Heart. On that day, I first learned what a real Jyotish Guru means. Story number two.

Goloka Fest in Almaty. A lot of things happen on and behind the stage. The organizers (and I am among them) are nervous - we are getting out of timing, we need to speed up, people are tired, some of them leave the hall. It is necessary to shorten the program. You are preparing to go on the stage. Someone runs up to you and asks you to make your speech shorter. You watch carefully, don't answer, and then you go. As always, calmly, majestically, with a guitar in your hands. First you talk about Lord Caitanya, then the glories of the Holy Name, then you start singing.

You sing for five minutes.. ten.. fifteen. And you are not making the performance shorter, you are lengthening it. Another mantra, another Kirtan. Five minutes more.. ten. The program coordinators have their hair on end: we are finally falling out of timing. Oh my!

Someone is trying to make signs for you - "you have to end!" Someone is running and waving a meaningless script: "the mantra and Kirtan should be only at the very end of the program, it's too early!"

And suddenly one of us Says: guys, look at the audience. We turn into the hall and see - all people are absolutely happy. In complete ecstasy, they sway, sing along, smiles and enthusiasm on their faces.

Everyone is awake, the program Is at its peak. The hall gets more and more filled with people, the audience is getting closer to the stage.

And then we understand: now the best Is happening, from what can happen. At this moment Goloka Fest is flawless.

Sriman Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu turned everything upside down as usual. And, as always, he was right.

The whole audience is chanting Hare Krishna. And everyone wants to sing again and again. And the third story.

Some time ago, my husband and I contacted you from Almaty to Cuenca to ask important questions for ourselves. We were not waiting for help - we were just waiting for a hint. And suddenly, instead of general words, you said: if you want, you can come here, I will support you. You said it very simply and directly. So that everything suddenly became real, and the fairy tale turned into reality.

After our conversation, we turned off the computer and sat for some time near a dark monitor. And we couldn't believe what we heard. That all this is really happening.

And then peace and clarity suddenly came to my heart. As always, after talking with you. As always, after every meeting, after every word you Say.

Dear Sriman Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu. I don’t know how to fit everything I want to say in one greeting. How to make a joke and atthe same time speak seriously. How to please you and glorify you at the same time. I do not want to speak in stereotyped phrases and clichés.

But I know for sure that we are very happy and successful people, if we are lucky to meet you in this life.

Please accept our joyful and grateful obeisances.

Happy appearance! And Hare Krishna!
With love and respect,

Veronica Nasalskaya & Vyacheslav Evstafiev

Your Grace, Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances. I wish you everything the best on the Day of your Appearance!

In the Vedic times Kings possessed all outstanding qualities close to those of the Lord. And that was the norm. For the fact that a person was devoted to the Lord and led others.

All people were happy and devoted to the Lord only because a pure representative of the Lord was on the throne.

In our age, there are very few people who have such virtues. Great efforts have to be made to find a pure devotee of the Lord.

I was lucky to meet such people. This is His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, our Spiritual teachers, preachers.

Some time ago, through my spiritual sister, I was very fortunate to meet you and your worthy wife, Lalita Sakhi Mataji. I found myself in the company of devotee who Yes! was completely absorbed in the ervice of the Lord, whose only desire is to help people become devotees and get rid of meaningless material existence. You are the personification of those qualities that we read on the pages of the Srimad Bhagavatam, describing lives of great personalities. In our time, a spiritual leader is rich, first of all, in completeness of positive qualities. There are no selfish motives in his service. He is truthful to his word and the routine that he adheres to. He is strong asa Lion, patient as the earth and caring as a father.

In the first canto, the twelfth chapter of the Srimad Bhagavatam, we find a description of the reign of Emperor Yudhisthira. He was generous to everyone. He made no claim and was free from the desire for sense gratification because he constantly served at the feet of Sri Krishna. The fame of Maharaja Yudhisthira's earthly wealth, of his sacrifices, which provided him with a better fortune, of his Queen, steadfast brothers, vast lands, dominion over all the earth and a good name reached the heavenly planets. The king's riches were so attractive that even the inhabitants of heaven desired them. But since
the King was absorbed in the service of the Lord, nothing but that service could satisfy him.

I recently approached you and Mataji Lalita Sakhi as a daughter and I received tremendous support from you, like from my father and mother. I understand that this is the most important thing that senior devotees Can give to younger ones - support, inspiration and clear vision. You have incredible experience of simple life in Krishna Consciousness. This is something we miss so badly, because even we are studying the rules and regulations, the etiquette, we are studying the lives of advanced devotees, and somehow we are trying to follow it all, but often, we absolutely do not take into account Our position, place, time and circumstances. We do not take into account the material conditions that we have now and the level of consciousness we came with.

We have forgotten howto love simply, we have forgotten how to live simply, we have forgotten how to think simply. And the most interesting thing is that the answer is very simple: you should be natural, you don't need to pretend someone you are not, put on masks, play roles that are not yours.

I am very grateful to you that through communication, instructions, you convey a taste for spiritual life, without thereby suppressing an individual nature of a person, and teach to return again, to revive the culture of relationships between people, which was inherent in us initially, but which was distorted because of the fact that we tried to put on something artificial on ourselves and
blocked the simplicity.

Thank you for taking care of so many devotees, so many people with Mataji Lalita Sakhi, sometimes sacrificing your health, and your precious time. I wish you endless enthusiasm, strength, inspired followers and prosperity of all projects that are developing under your leadership and the great mercy of Sri Guru, Gauranga and the Divine couple that sits on the lotus of your heart.

Your servant, Vyoma Ganga dd

Dear Prahlad Nrsimha prabhu, Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and all Guru Parampara!

On this great day for all of us, I wish you everything the best on your birthday.

You are truly dear to the hearts of many devotees around the planet. Meeting you is a special blessing and causeless mercy of the Lord.

Your family story is surprising, impressive and inspiring. Because it seems - does it really happen in our time? You are the bearer of the Spiritual knowledge, high principles that you implement in your daily life and help others in this. You unlock the potential of the people around you with love and care.

More than once I heard from friends that a consultation with you Is one of the brightest events of the year or even life!

And now I understand why they said that.

I watched your lives with Lalita Sakhi Mataji with great joy. After each such online meeting, I felt lightness and purification, as if something was changing inside.

A personal consultation with you Is an act of kindness, parental love, mercy and total acceptance. You find how you can help a person in his situation, you show any event as an opportunity and a chance.

With the accuracy and precision of a surgeon, you help people to rebuild their attitude towards life, towards themselves and current events.

I thank the Lord for meeting you and your big family. For me, you are an example of a Vaishnava, you preach through your example, through your life every second. Please accept my humble obeisances and the best wishes on your birthday in this World.

Kalindi Mohiti devi dasi

Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu, please accept my deepest respect and humble obeisances! Today, on this wonderful and most auspicious day of your appearance, I would like to send you my best wishes and
thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It is incredible luck and great grace to contemplate you, listen to you, serve you.

Your purity, wisdom and example of your life for us and especially for me became salvation and guiding star, great inspiration and support on the path leading to God!

Your incredible spiritual strength, deepest devotion and faith, your wisdom is limitless and bottomless. In this world few such people, and almost not exist. I would like to follow you and gather crowds, shout to the whole world about your qualities of a true Vaishnava.

You are sharing your knowledge not only through words, but by your real example you showing for us the way that will undoubtedly save us all. Your personality is so multifaceted that there will be not enough one book to describe all your qualities.

Over the past year, I have had the good fortune to be in daily communication with your amazing wife, to help her, observe and be inspired by you through her so subtle and deepest, continuous broadcast of your life and your service.

Seeing all this, it is impossible for me not to admire your kindness, your severity, your sense of humor, your paternal care, which you, no doubt, with great generosity, give to everyone who comes to you. You are such a holistic, sincere and straightforward, you area wonderful magician, a talented reader of destinies, musician, designer, Chef, and also a husband, father, and most importantly, a devoted servant of Krishna. You are amazing, you are a perfect example for us.

I bow to you, to your dear wife, to your family. I wish you health and, of course, I pray to Krishna that he will allow us to be in your company and under your leadership as long as possible.

Happy Appearance day, our dear Prahlad Narasimha!

Ekaterina Komarova

Dear Prahlad Narsimha Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances!

With great joy and honor, I would like to wish you everything the best on the Day of your Appearance on this Earth planet.

Krishna is very merciful and loving allowing us to be in touch with such a great and pure soul as you!

Your involvement and support are invaluable for our family. In your personality, Krishna clearly and realistically showed us an example of a pure and loving heart filled with God.

Moreover, He gave us an opportunity to draw upon this purity and wisdom by listening to you, communicating with you!

Your service to Krishna brings a great benefit for all living entities. May you serve as a pure loving guide of Krishna on this earth as long as possible, at this very difficult time.

This World needs you very much.
We need you very much!

I still don't believe that being in a complete swamp of ignorance, the Lord suddenly gave us a gift in the form of a consultation with you, that still serves as a big support for us.

I thank Krishna for your birth on this World! I thank you and your wonderful family for the perfect example of pure devotional service to Krishna! Allow me to continue to observe, learn and adopt these divine qualities that you have to full extend.

God bless you and all your family!!!
Hare Krishna!

Lomako Bogdan & Ksenia

Dear Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj.

Allow me to wish you everything the best on your birthday and say the words of gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

One and a half years ago, in consultation and at the yagia for Lord Nrsimhadev with Sri Goura Prabhu, I experienced such feelings of care and support through the opportunity of personal communication with you for which I will be grateful for the rest of my life.

Thank you for your kind heart. And although in real life we have never met, I am really dreaming of meeting with you and bringing dreaming of meeting with you and bringing sincere obeisances to you and your entire family. Being in Japan, I am warmed by the thought that somewhere, in Cuenca, on the other side of the Earth, there is a family that I want to see, I want to serve, and to which! can come inthe near future.

I will never be thankful enough to you, but I am so eager to serve Krishna under your guidance. And I hope that over time, by the grace of the devotees, I can somehow acquire the necessary qualifications for this.

Happy Birthday, dear Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu.
Your servant,

Olga Tanida

Dear Prahlad Nrsimha prabhu, please accept my deepest obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Guru parampara.
Please accept our best wishes on the Day of your appearance!

A great blessing of Krishna - to receive a fraction of your attention through your consultations, live broadcasts and lectures.

I would like to express my greatest gratitude for your endless warmth and love that you constantly giving to people.

You are showing to this world an example of an ideal devotee, without sentimentality and false illusions. Devotion as it is. Your words of wisdom are simple, but filled with deep meaning that we are able to grasp, accept and follow.

Your compassion knows no bounds. I cannot describe in words my feeling of gratitude that I feel towards you for supporting my mom in her difficult period of life and hosting her in Ecuador, and being so caring towards her.

Thanks to your advice to always be grateful to Krishna for what I have now, I stopped immersing myself in the mood of despondency. Now I am a bit capable of directing people around of me into a wave of
gratitude. And I can even preach a little.

Before that, I was completely afraid to talk about spirituality at work or with;childhood friends.

I bow to your wisdom, your example, of a happy life of complete devotion to Krishna.

Verevkina Galina & Natalia

Hare Krishna, dear Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu! Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Your Spiritual Master, Jayapataka Swami Maharaj!

I offer my respectful obeisances to your dear wife Lalita and your entire exalted family, and thank everyone of you for the gift of friendship!

On this bright day, please, allow me to wish you everything the best on the Day of your appearance! Thank you for your tolerance, sense of humor and calm friendliness.

Only few people know how to be really happy. How to gratefully accept everything that happens in life. And observing your life, I understand - yes, this is how it should be! It's like a revelation in my heart, when I no longer ask questions, but understand - this is real and true way.

I remember the first meeting with you at the lecture. When you didn’t let anyone translate your class other than your wife. It was surprising and unusual to accept it: "Why? She is so tired!" But indignation was replaced by a deep feeling of gratitude for this lesson: "This is how it supposed to be! He accepts service only from his wife and it is so noble and beautiful. And, most importantly,
everyone remains with a peaceful mind."

Also accept my deep gratitude for the instructions in life: “Your biggest problem is that you do not know where the truth is. You do not know how to distinguish good from bad, and you are confused in relationships and in sensations. You have to go to Mayapur and study!” And this training was like climbing a mountain and contemplating from a height, and everything becomes simple and clear.

I am grateful to you for new friends and new relationships. For amazing calmness and simplicity in the heart. And many more amazing little things that speak more than words:

Your home is always open for guests. You accept people with their weaknesses and misunderstandings. You celebrate holidays and events as blessings from the Lord. You speak philosophically even about the tan: "It's a golden color!» It is golden, not brown. And I understand that you remember the color of Lord Caitanya and Srimati Radharani.

For me this is amazing, unusual, and I am only learning from you to remember the Lord all the time. And it is great luck for me to be connected with you and your family.

Galina Verevkina

Dear Prahlad Nrsimha prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances.

On the day of your appearance in this world, I would like to express my gratitude to you for your invaluable contribution to my life. Your extraordinary wife made communication with you available for us. And for this we are indebted to her.

Thank you for your concrete, and at the same time very practical and personal instructions, which help us to practice instructions from Shastras.

Thank you for your strict paternal kindness, care and availability toall of us.

And thank you for Lalita, being with you she fully reveals her potential to be a servant of a servant of a servant...

We all found an ocean of parental warmth and simple human kindness with your presence in her life.

Uttama devi dasi

Dear Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu, Please accept my congratulations on the day of your appearance!

I am grateful to The Lord for your family in my life, Prahlad Nrsimha and Lalita. I really appreciate your sincerity, your desire to serve people and Krishna. You are like the sun in the sky for me, so kind and affectionate. Your life, your dedication, your relationships are very inspiring.

Thanks to Lalita's efforts to glorify her husband, I learned about you and I am grateful for that. You are amazing! May your influence, your sincerity awaken many sleeping hearts, may there be a lot of happiness! Your piece of happiness will be caught by thirsting souls and there will be less suffering on Earth.

I wish you a long and wonderful life for the glory of Krishna!

Tamara Brezhneva

Dear Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu, Hare Krishna.
Please accept my humble obeisances and congratulations on the day of your appearance.

Reading and translating so many words dedicated to you, I subscribe to each of them.

I am very grateful to The Lord for giving me this opportunity to meet you and your precious wife Lalita Sakhi Mataji.

I was one of the first who saw the MANORUPA film, translating it into Spanish before it was released to the public in russian speaking countries.

While working on it, I cried out loud, penetrating into every scene and realizing that there is another life, full of the Divine presence.

It is so wonderful to see, know, feel, hear for such a simple and very immersed in the material world of a person like me!

I am very grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to serve you, to touch and see the beauty and purity of this world, to see connection with God and an example of serving Him and to everyone.

Iam amazed at what a huge contribution you and your wife make to the development of humanity. What legacy do you leave behind.

This is incredible!
Please accept my best wishes.

Elena Valyaeva

Hare Krishna, dear Prahlad Narasimha prabhu! Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Happy Birthday to you! Allow me to express my gratitude on this blessed day to each of your followers.

The first time I saw you was in Mayapur in 2018, by the grace of my Spiritual master, then there were programs in Moscow in 2019, of course the wonderful film "Manorupa" and, finally, in 2021 - the long-awaited consultation with you took place!

No, this is not a consultation. This is a real family meeting, where you, as a loving, caring father, gently give parting words, inspiring us to live our destiny and serve the Lord, joking, sharing wisdom and knowledge that penetrates right into the heart.

You take out of us the dusty talents that are not engaged in serving the Lord and explain how to doit. Your advice is very practical and your philosophy Is sublime.

The way you treat people, how you preach, the way you communicate with your family, all this things give so much inspiration and desire to follow such an example!

And, of course, I thank your wonderful wife. She is a mother at this family meeting, she does not just translate, but worries about us, passes everything through herself.

I wish you that your mission continues, that as many sentient beings as possible are attracted by Krishna Consciousness, the Holy Name through your preaching and follow your example of living in Krishna Consciousness.

Vishnupriya devi dasi

Hare Krishna, dear and respected Prahlad Narasimha prabhu. Please accept my obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

On the Day of Your Appearance, I would very much like to congratulate you! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful experience of association with you!

The first time I saw you with Mataji Lalita Sakhi in 2018 at the Vyasa Puja of Guru Maharaja Chaitanya Chandra Charan prabhu. It was a great experience! You emanate an image of a very interesting, powerful and wise person!

And this image was 200% confirmed after I heard you and found out a little more about you. Especially when I saw how Gurudev and his wife appreciate you and love you!

The next time I met you was in Moscow at the "Yoga of Sound" program. By the grace of the devotees, Iam helpinga little with this project, and then I met you at the Wedding of Valli Mataji.
I am very impressed with your talents!! How skillfully you preach to new people!

And your voice drowns hearts! And of course, the Astrological consultation is a delight! I have dreamed of it forso long! The devotees said that after meeting you, their lives turn upside down!

And so you kindly agreed to hold a consultation for me and of course it exceeded all my expectations! So much useful information, just a treasure!!! Feeling so many positive emotions I could not sleep until midnight !!! I was feeling a lot of inspiration and strength to act!!! And with how much love and care you spoke everything, and mother Lalita Sakhi translated so skillfully that I felt surrounded by family! I felt so good, I was feeling safe !!! Each one of your words is a diamond.

I have listened to it more than once and will continue to listen to everything that you told me then!

Thank you very much for your example of Devotion, Service to your Spiritual Master and Srila Prabhupada! For being an example of a Krishna Consciousness family! For your life story, part of which I saw thanks to the film "Monorupa" and from your an amazing stories that you generously shared with us. This is certainly something unusual and divine!

I am very grateful for getting to know you and the opportunity to get in touch with your family!
Please accept my most humble obeisances!!!

Divya Dhama devi dasi

Hare Krishna, dear to our heart Prahlad Nrsimha prabhu. Please accept my wife’s and my sincere obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

On this sacred day of your Vyasa puja! want to release from my heart only a small part of my unlimited gratitude to you.

If the time comes in life to make fateful decisions, what a joy it is to know that you are a person who has such a strong connection with Paramatma! I am convinced that the will of Guru and Krishna always manifests through you.

Once when I got in contact with you in a very important fateful situation, you gave me the only right decision. Although even my horoscope said otherwise. I appreciate you very much for your connection with Krishna in your heart. Through this connection, you give precise instructions.

Therefore, when devotees contact me with serious Situations and if for some reason they are unable to discuss this situation with their Guru, I always know who can help. Itis you!

How important are Vaishnavas and Brahmins like you for our ISKCON movement. Even in the most difficult situations, you do not allow us to lose faith, you do not let our spirit fall in a difficult situation. You always fill the hearts of everyone with whom you come in contact with faith and enthusiasm. How many of these people have you already saved? Only God knows.

Dear Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu, You are a beacon in the mist of the ocean of material misery. Looking at your service to Guru Maharaja, it is impossible to get lost in the darkness.

The light of the sincerity of your ministry illuminates everything around and shows the right path.

Please allow us to continue receiving your precious association full of faith and kindness. Communication that heals hearts.
Your servants,

Anandabolohari das & Amrita Kisori devi dasi

Hare Krishna dear Prahlad Nrsimha prabhu! It isa great pleasure for me to be able to ask you to accept my obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada and my spiritual master by whose mercy I have the opportunity to get in touch with you!

I first saw you in a temple in Moscow, on the day of Srila Prabhupada's appearance. Then I was told that this is an elevated Vaishnava, whom Gurudev loves very much. We all sat down and I ended up right at your feet.

In the spring of 2020, upon arrival from the holy Dhama, I sharply felt the need to watch the film "Monarupa", which I had heard about a year before. But nowhere on the Internet could I find the film, but I found her exalted spouse, and so I have consciously become attached to your sermon.

Those lectures that you gave with translation into Russian, by the grace of your wife Lalita Sakhi, I listened to several times. So you have completely captured my heart. Your purity, sincerity, faith, service, steadfastness in serving Srila Prabhupada's mission are all perfect. By the grace of the Lord, during the pandemic, you gave a lot of association on Instagram, and three months after virtual
acquaintance with you, an invaluable mercy came to me - a consultation.

You advised me to live in the temple. I thought I had missed this time for a long time. At my age, I thought, either completely stay in the temple, or wait for the next incarnation. But a month later I was preparing to move toa temple in Minsk, where there is no women's ashram, but by grace everything became possible.

Having lived in the temple for 7 months and 7 days, now this is my most confidential and dear experience in association with Krishna. But if it were not for your words: "If the opportunity arises, stop and live in the temple", I would never have dared.

What can! wish you this day? There is nothing that you do not have. I can only ask for your mercy myself and I pray to Krishna that He would allow us, who need your preaching, to have the opportunity to be with you and your blessed family as long as possible.

May Krishna protect every member of your family and carry you all on His caring palms across the ocean of material existence to His home.

Your servant,

Amrita Visakha devi dasi

Hare Krishna, dear Sriman Prahlad Nrisimha Prabhu! Please, except my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Iam honored to glorify you on the day of your appearance! I'm sincerely grateful to you for telling me my astrological chart. You gave mea Spiritual guide, told me about my qualities and talents, and gave me inspiration to use them in the service of Krishna. Again and again I listen to your audio and re-read my notes to it, and every time I discover something new, and more and more depth ... Thank you for
giving me such support in my life!

Thank you so much for your exalted example of a true Vaishnava and sadhu. You are a true disciple of your guru, transmitting transcendental knowledge without distortion, with great compassion and love.

Thank you for the example of the ideal grhastha - the ideal husband, father and spiritual leader. In the Caitanya Caritamrta and the Srimad Bhagavatam it is said that one who devotes his life to telling others about Krishna is the most generous of people!

Also, I thank you from the depths of my heart for an amazing gift to this world - you have opened and made to shine two incredible gems - Srimati Manorupa and Srimati Lalita Sakhi. By your grace, they have fully engaged their nature and talents in serving the Prabhupada Mission under your leadership.

They are examples of exalted Vaishnavis, chaste wives and helpers of a Vaishnava husband to all of us. They charm with their loving mother nature, each in its own way beautiful. Iam grateful to Krishna for knowing about your family.

On the day of their appearance, Vaishnavas are always especially merciful, and I want to take this intimate opportunity and ask you for blessings. Please bless me always to be engaged in the service of Vaishnavas and Krishna, may I always have desire and Opportunity to serve the mission of Lord Caitanya, may I always have a desire to, chant the holy names, and be in the company of pure devotees of Lord Caitanya and Krishna!

Always at your service,

Sofia Medinina

I had an astrological consultation with Prahlad Narasmha twice. Both times, it was something special; it was not just a consultation but also a talk between a teacher and a student.

He knows everything about you, even what you are afraid to admit to yourself. There is no sense to hide something, he sees right through you. Prahlad Narasmha tries to show the right way for you in a manner that is understandable and clear. He shares his knowledge, his experience and his life. During the consultation, you have feeling that he is somebody that does care about you even if you talk to him for the first time in your life.

The consultation gives you another vision of your life and and the reason why some things happen to you. It gives you also motivation to change, to follow the right way. You get answers to your questions and Prahlad Narasmha spends all time that is necessary to give you the answers, to help you to understand yourself better and also your nature. Sometimes he repeats his ideas in a different way because he sees that something was not clear or you still have doubts.

After the consultation, you would like to have a chance to continue communication with this person because you feel the force and wisdom that he has and you would like to be guided by him in this world.


Hare Krishna, dear Prahlad Narasimha prabhu! Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

It is great luck to wish you everything the best on the Day of your appearance in this world for all of us who have come into contact with your personality. It is very difficult for pure devotees to listen to glorifications, but you are so merciful to us that you give us the Opportunity to glorify you, while you humbly convey all thanks to your spiritual master and Srila Prabhupada.

I think that the size and depth of your personality is impossible to understand even after years of acquaintance with you. If you, a faithful follower of Srila Prabhupada, generously and gratuitously fill our hearts with light and love, then what boundless love Prabhupada has, whom you serve so faithfully.

I know that I will never be able to thank you for everything that you have done for me and continue to do. Almost a year has passed since the day of our conversation, and I continue to baskin your love.
In moments of weakness, when it seems to me that I can’t find a way out of the darkness, I turn on the recording with your instructions and the right path is again illuminated by your light. All our roads get tangled and come toa dead end, but you, lovingly, carefully treating every lost soul like a fragile precious stone, direct us to Krishna.

Once you lit the light in your heart for all of us, and from that moment on any day of adversity and storm you continue to shine, staying on the shore and calling out to us like a beacon to remind us where we need to strive.

Low bow to you,
for your service,

Tatiana Kabusheva

Most respected Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu! I wish you everything the best on your birthday! The sun is shining brightly today and this light comes from your heart.

Please let me warm my cold-hearted soul in your rays! In you and in your wonderful wife, I find true inspiration and great force that pushes me forward in Krishna consciousness and strengthens my faith.

Your answers and lectures, the most beautiful kirtans that I have ever heard in my life, changed deeply me and my entire life.

Guru means "heavy" and through your knowledge, life stile and lectures I fully understood the meaning of this word.

Because your faith is so strong, so heavy that can influence thousands and thousands of people!

May Krishna bless you to live many many more years to make you shine for all of us. And I pray Krishna to give me qualities to follow your words and instructions to have a chance to always be in contact with your pure and divine family!

I look at devotees and I cannot believe - how lucky I am! They are the best people I've ever met in my life! And your family is the best example: Lalita Sakhi is so caring for us and so devoted to you, thousands thanks to her for it!

Thank you and please accept my humble obeisances!
I'm looking forward to serving you and your family from life to life.

Lubava Romanova

Dear Sriman Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu, please accept our humble obeisances.

With joy in our hearts, we want to wish you everything the best as well as achievements that will forever delight your spiritual teacher and bring satisfaction to your heart.

It is always difficult to find the right words for a devotee who is realized in all areas of life and is able to give blessings for spiritual life to others. And we ask you to accept our respect and humble words of gratitude.

Thank you very much for the mercy that you share with us so generously, opening the doors of your wide heart for communication.

We constantly see that you are very kind to the people around you, but we get the impression that you are especially kind to us. Obviously, it is our false ego that prompts us to think so, although, perhaps, every person who comes into contact with you feels it.

Getting to know you and your family is the greatest success that gave us the opportunity to be in close contact with you, to observe an example of self-giving and use of all available resources in devotional service, to witness the manifestation of friendliness, compassion and favor towards others.

We sincerely wish you to always be surrounded by caring and loving hearts of devotees, who will be your reliable help in serving the lotus feet of your spiritual master.

Your servants,

Sharat Biharidas & Yuvati Vikramini devi dasi

Dear Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu!
Please accept my most sincere and heartfelt obeisances.

I am happy that I know you and live with you atthe same time on this planet!

Your absolute Love for Krishna is an example for many, many people! And your reasonable lectures inspire and show the Way to everyone who comes in contact with you.

You and your family are forever in my heart. Your instructions, filled with bright and heartfelt images, transform and make everyone who listens to you stronger and cleaner.

You know how to find the right words for every living soul, regardless of the level of consciousness! Thanks for your compassion! I respect and admire immensely your uncompromising attitude, firmness, mercy, your deepest knowledge in transcendental science, Thank you for your service and life's feat!

Your words of support are always valuable to me, and I will forever remember your eyes in the audience at my performances.

This is the blessing and mercy of Krishna that was poured on me through you.

Thank you for that you are transmitting the purest bhakti message of precious Srila Prabhupada, may all the happiest desires of your heart come true!

Be healthy and live long, as long as you need!!! May the mercy of Krishna and Radha be with you always!!!

Hare Krishna!

Dina Korzun

Hare Krishna!
Our dear Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu, please
accept our humble obeisances.

Knowing you for such a short period of time, we saw so much positive and inspiring in you that we would like to be in touch with you and develop in ourselves all beautiful qualities that you have.

A special example for us is your unshakable faith and tremendous dedication to God and His words and your dedication to the guru parampara.

Your skillful efforts in service are a great example for everyone and, most importantly, you combine this with a harmonious and inspiring family life.

You are more than an example for us, we can confidently say - you are the Acharya for all erhasthas. We would like to express our deep gratitude for everything that you have done for us.

Let me offer you this humble verse: We are grateful to you, the great preacher, We are grateful to you, the carrier of the Vedic wisdom.

You are like a Lion guarding the Dharma for those who are on the path of adharma. You are a connoisseur of shastra as an Aryan, with a sword of knowledge in your hand, Cutting off all imperfection, From ignorant people who are like monkeys, transforming them into beautiful Aryans. But only through love and true desire we can reach your mercy.

You are the glorious protector of all who seek an eternal abode.

You generously sharing the Maha mantra, like the great Haridasa.

You are a great Vaishnava - Sriman Prahlad Nrsimha dasa.
With best regards and obeisances, Vilcabamba yatra.

Gopal Chandra das & Chandrika Priya Sakhi devi dasi

Prahlad Narasimha prabhu, you always sharing Krishna consciousness to whoever crosses your path.

Today I want to thank Lord Krishna for one more year of friendship with a great soul like you.

Hundreds of people around the world became vegetarians, began to chant the Hare Krishna mantra and started their spiritual paths Back to Godhead, thanks to you.

You are a good disciple and a sincere spiritual guide and your words are very powerful because you practice what you preach.

A quality that I want to highlight is that you are an excellent spiritual advisor for any age, be it a child, a young person, a teenager or an old man. You have a natural gift of reaching people's hearts and always putting Lord Krishna at the center of your life.

Looking forward to the opportunity to meet you and your beautiful family again and again.

Marichi & Chintamani

Dear Prahlad Nrsmha Prabhu or how I, with all respectand affection, call you: "Pedrito" Happy Birthday!

Thanks to Lalita I have been able to read one by one the wonderful writings of so many people grateful for your help, inspiration and guidance. She thought I was helping her check translations and spelling, but actually she has given a great gift to me. Because in each letter I have meditated, and I have been moved, in so many I have recognized you, and in others I have gotten to know you better.

Thank you for your life, Pedrito, which is an example of dedication to the real and true life: the spiritual one.

Feeling the call, being aware of what is true, the transcendental and permanent in the midst of this world of fantasies and impermanence is already a first step, but living in this material world completely focused and surrendered to the great spiritual goal, that would seem like a quantum leap that you make look like an effortless little leap.

Thank you for your advice, guide, for your willingness to always listen to me. For your readings and talks, for the deep conversations that have helped meso much.

Thanks to your association I have been able to have the good fortune of an astrological chart as a guide to know me and understand myself better, I have always felt it as a nautical chart, which helps us to understand the tides and the best or worst routes. But to clearly interpret them, the wisdom of an expert is needed, it is such a sublime and profound science that it is understandable that you handle it with the skill, responsibility and spiritual dedication with which you guide all of us “ships" that request a trustworthy lighthouse to check how our navigation is going.

Thank you for your light always, that I know with consciousness is a reflection of The Light of Him and Her, the Eternal Sri Krishna and Sri Radha. Thank you for bringing into our lives the association with your wonderful family that I love and inspire me so much. For having allowed us to absorb and learn from the infinite sweetness, humility, love, and surrender in the Lord of my beloved Manorupa, of the humor, kindness and loyalty of Vanamali, of the pure brightness and tender heart of Braja, of the discipline and purity of Cidananda and Varshani, of the coherence, constancy, faithfulness and devotion of Lalita and of Daya's spark of multicolored light.

My best and most luminous wishes to you dear Pedrito, may you live long in peace and always receive the light, blessings and guidance of Sri Krishna!

With love and respect,

Maria Isabel Malo

Dear Sriman Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu.
I wish you all the best on your birthday!!!
Please let me express my gratitude to you.

My first acquaintance with you took place on Christmas. Scrolling Instagram, I couldn’t stop to hear your singing and watch your home video. I saw a chimney with fire, people were sitting on sofas, Someone was playing musical instruments, someone was singing. Children were running about and playing. Then everyone was opening gifts. And among this idyll, your voice seemed so familiar to me, as
familiar as a balm for the soul.

I immediately started following this page and read new posts. I carefully save all live broadcasts, constantly listen to your home concerts; I just can't live a day without your songs. Your singing exalts my day, giving joy and happiness to my heart.

Through the Internet, I learned that the respected Prahlad Narasimha has not only a beautiful voice, but also helps people find their destiny.

Your lives with Lalita Sakhi certainly influenced me in a positive way. In every word of yours, I find something important for myself, as if you were my mentor, my Guru.

Whatever question is asked to you, you will answer it with wisdom and knowledge. I always listen to you with great interest.

Every day I bow to you and Lalita Sakhi with gratitude for your service to humanity, for spreading knowledge about Krishna, fora kind heart and love for Krishna, for people and all living beings
I was fortunate enough to communicate with you and Lalita Sakhi. You gave an astrological and psychological two-hour consultation to my teenage son.

Everyone knows that adolescence is very unstable and it is very good when there are adults and mentors nearby, who give the necessary advice and support in time. I am happy that Prahlad Narasimha and Lalita Sakhi became such people for my son.

With bated breath, I remember this meeting and still it seems to me that it was a magical dream, a gift from Krishna for my family. The meeting was easy, relaxed, joyful.

We learned a lot of new and interesting things. We learned about the rules of life, what you need to do to be happy. We understood that the Great Book of all time is the “Bhagavad Gita As It Is”, and we must rely on itin any matter, including raising children.

After the meeting, I decided to give all my children a personal Bhagavad Gita.

May the Lord protect all devotees of Krishna who spread knowledge about Him. May Prahlad Narasimha and Lalita Sakhi be happy for many years to come on this earth helping people in their service. Let as many people as possible learn about Krishna, serve Him and find their happiness on this path.

Ekaterina Kholodenko

Hare Krishna!
Dear Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu, please accept our humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

On this day of your appearance in this world, allow me congratulate you and thank you! We are very happy to have this opportunity to associate with a Vaishnava like you. This is real Mercy.

Getting to know you and an example of your life is incredibly impressive and inspiring. We are very grateful:

- for your paternal care for us and for the help in difficult times that you provided to us, despite the distance, time difference, fatigue.

- for the example of a Vaishnava family and building spiritual relationships, this is especially valuable for grihasthas, who always very difficult to find a balance between spiritual and material.

- forthe example of a preaching, for the ability to share the Absolute Truth in simple words, heavy truth in a non-offensive manner.

- for strong faith in Guru and Krishna.

- for the beautiful Vaishnava sons, our godbrothers.

- for the beautiful spread of the Krishna Consciousness all over the world and the desire to move on! You always have grandiose plans!

- for inspiring lectures and answers to all questions.

- for the wonderful singing and playing instruments soothing our mind.

We really hope that we can serve you, your
family and your mission somehow.

Your servants,

Nitai Chaitanya Das & Maria

Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu!
Please accept my humble obeisances!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

From the bottom of my heart on the Day of your Appearance I wish you everything the best! And I wish you happiness for many years!

Thank you for being with us! For your example of life, nobility, devotional service to Krishna!

I first met you through the broadcast of the film “Manorupa”, and it certainly left a deep mark on my heart! This Christmas I got the mercy to participate in the fire yagia, which changed my life! Now it’s sparkled with new bright colors. Thank you for this opportunity and experience!

On March 8, I received the best gift from the Lord - a meeting in a women's club with your beautiful wife Lalita Sakhi, where having heard your story of the meeting, I was simply amazed how wonderful and merciful the Lord isto His devotees!

Ekaterina Omelyanuk

Dear Prahlad Nrsimha Prabhu,
Mataji Lalita Sakhi, thank you for the opportunity to ask you to accept my humble obeisances in the dust of your lotus feet. All glories to Guru and Gauranga and to you as their direct representatives in my life. May the mercy of Guru and Krishna always flow in a continuous stream into your pure, compassionate and loving hearts.

Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu, you have everything, and most importantly, you have a transcendental loving relationship with Sri Krishna, and on the day of your appearance I would like to wish myself to be somehow useful to you! I am looking forward to having an opportunity to have at least a fraction of this wonderful taste and at least a few of those wonderful qualities of character that you are so generously endowed with: poetism, sense of humor and diplomacy of speech, a delicate taste for everything beautiful and pure, talents in music and drama, an ability to organize large-scale and cozy events so wonderfully and easily, a taste for Vedic philosophy, languages, control of senses, mind and speech, a talent of inspiring and empowering others and an infinite number of other shining qualities.

The example of your life, preaching and caring for everyone inspires like a bright, strong and gentle ray of the Sun, piercing the fog of the surrounding ignorance. It does not let me forget despite what I see around, contacting with the selfish worldview of people, there isa person as you, who even in such people, sees a pure and beautiful souls and Krishna, not their temporary conditioning. So I want to have at least a drop of your view of the world.

How incredibly wonderful it must be to see Krishna everywhere and in every person to see His devotee. This is my white envy in a good way, because! admire you immensely.

Any space where you appeared, starts bloom with love, same as the hearts of absolutely everyone who comes In contact with you. Everyone feels this and cannot help but succumb to the attractiveness and love that you feel so strongly for the Divine couple, ina sense of deep compassion for Their children, who got lost in this temporary world. You mercifully giving chance to feel it through you.

Yes, It's just incredible! Thank you very much! This can be called non other but a causeless mercy!

Even thoughts or memories of you give such warmth to my heart and, of course, I feel a sense of separation. But the happier will be the new meeting with you and Lalita, which I am always looking forward to. You are very dear to me and I am infinitely grateful to the Lord for the joy and good fortune of meeting and communicating with you.

I wish you success in everything, health, new Opportunities and an ocean of devotees around.

Please accept my indignant apology for the fact that I have not yet succeeded in properly fulfilling all your instructions, but someday I will succeed.

Thank you for your being! Hare Krishna, please accept my grateful obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada, all glories to Srila Jayapataka Swami Maharaja, alt glories to the Vaishnavas! Happy birthday and long life!

Vera Kirey

Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu, please accept our family's best wishes on the Day of your appearance!

On this day, we want to wish you to get in touch with the Lord even closer, to feel His mercy, His love! The fact that He loves you is an undoubted fact.

You yourself are filled with love, and give your love to all of us. You charge everyone for love! To love the Lord! I felt it myself. I didn’t know you, but when I heard it once, I began to dream of getting advice from you. I was primarily interested in consulting an astrologer in order to gain support in a difficult period of life.

Before the meeting, I was very worried and for good reason. Meeting with you has changed a lot in me, not externally, but internally. I found support and now I know what is most important in my life. And this gives me the determination to follow the right path.

I am grateful to you that you, together with Lalita, took part in the fate of my daughter! It was amazing! You both treated us with such love, with an open mind, with such interest in us!

I often remember the communication with you and thank the Lord that He let me know about you!

I pray for your health! May there be a lot of joy and smiles in your life! After all, you laugh so contagiously!

I would like to say a lot, but all this will be about the fact that meeting you is like swimming in a clean spring, and sometimes like under a powerful waterfall. Meeting you was like the sun warming us through a computer in our Siberian winter...

I am grateful that you spent your time with us! My dream is to meet you again just to listen to you ... It is a great blessing to associate with devotees like you. This is great support!

With love in my heart,

Galina Averyanova

Dear Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu and Lalita Sakhi Mataji. Please accept my obeisances.

A year has passed since our close communication with you at the astrological consultation. I do not want to miss the Opportunity

Now, after a while, I am just beginning to realize what luck and mercy have been poured on me! I continue to listen to your broadcasts as far as possible.

It is truly said that communion with the Holy Personality changes the heart. With your permission, I will describe my changes, because they do not belong to me, they are all Your Grace.

The most powerful change in me - all my grievances were gone overnight. Resentment at the past, at husbands, at parents, at a female share, at myself, at the fact that some wishes did not come true. Intellectually, I understood a lot, but I could only accept it in my heart after communicating with you, dear Prahlad Narasimha prabhu.

And a huge gratitude awakened in my heart. For the first time I found words of gratitude to close people to whom I could not say thank you! I untied the past, let it go, thanked it, and a large burden fell from my shoulders! My prayers to Krishna have become more sincere!!! And I have been in this state for a year!!! Step by step I am still inthis process! I really felt the power of mercy and blessing of an Exalted Vaishnava!

And I want to wish you on this magical day that you embody as many spiritual projects in this world as possible, as much strength and health as possible to help suffering souls!

And Iwish to record many music albums!!!

lam happy to be so lucky in this life to have your association! Thank you, Prahlad Narasimha Prabhu, for your wisdom, for an example of how to apply Spiritual knowledge in a simple life, how to build cultural relationships with people. How to convey important thoughts in simple and sincere words!

My humble obeisances to your family. You are like the stars for devotional service to me.

Your servant,

Kundalatika dasi

Hare Krishna, dear Prahlad Nrsimha prabhu!
Please accept our humble obeisances in the dust of your lotus feet! All glories to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada!

It is a great honor to have the opportunity to glorify you and your entire dynasty in your person on the day of your appearance!
Your mother was a believer and guided you on the right path. You joined the Krishna Consciousness movement at an early age and have been practicing it for 50 years!!! You and Manorupa made an effort to give the children a proper education and they have grown to be wonderful people and above all devotees of Krishna! And in the same way your dear granddaughter is growing up in the family, in the big family of pure devotees!

You have so many wonderful qualities that I will not have enough paper praising you and what you are doing in Srila Prabhupada'smission, but there are some points I would like to highlight.

We met you on the Polish tour and you and Manorupa were a mystery to me. I saw that you are aristocratic devotees and are honored by all. When we got to you for an astrological consultation, I was struck by your exalted qualities. You and Manorupa were the personification of the Bhagavatam, exhibiting the qualities of a pure devotee and Vaisnava.

You were like a king who cares about his subjects and helped us solve not only family problems, but also helped us to advance in Spiritual life with your eloquent sermon. Your family has been and remains an example to follow!

You are serving Krishna 24 hours a day! On the Polish tour, we returned late from the festivals, but from early in the morning youwere always on your feet - mangala-arati, japa, greeting the Deities (you always sangina special way), Bhagavatam. Then you consulted the devotees for several hours, helping them to improve their life and ministry through the knowledge they received from you. You are the best astrologer, and also a psychologist whom I know. Then at lunchtime you went to the festival and there already thousands of people received help from you, learning about their mission and the meaning of life! I saw how often after your consultation people went to Manorupa and bought japa beads and Bhagavad Gita! People left you with the seeds of bhakti, which you planted in their empty hearts! You are an
amazing tool in the hands of your dear Spiritual Master that He is using to expand Srila Prabhupada's mission!

You have participated in this largest preaching program inthe world every summer for 15 years. Remember at least Woodstock, where the number of participants reaches 1 million people!!!

You are a very happy person and as a true Vaishnava you are ready to share your luck with everyone!!!

I was amazed by the words of Manorupa that when she met you her tears ended! You, like the Sun, illuminate everything with light and knowledge, joy and hope! You are a wonderful family man! And you have a wonderful, advanced family of pure devotees!

And by fulfilling your dharma in the best possible way, you multiply your family by caring for others and making them members of Prabhupada's family!

Your project in Ecuador is very impressive and sets an example of how erhasthas can preach and make people happy in Krishna Consciousness! I really want others, following in your footsteps, to live like you, devoting their whole lives to Krishna! Preaching and pleasing their Spiritual Master and Srila Prabhupada! All glory to you and your service and your entire dynasty!!!

Always hungry for fellowship and service to your family,

Lalita Sakhi dasi
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