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Personal аstrologycal reading
Analysis of all areas of your life and recommendations for improving your destiny
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Complete chart.
At this meeting, absolutely all aspects of your life are considered: family, relationships with a husband or wife, with children, with parents, with society. You can clarify all business issues, find out your purpose, your talents.

You will know and understand your health more deeply, since medical astrology can more accurately than a doctor can point to the underlying causes of ailments.

You will discover your creativity, what are you good at. Get guidance on your spiritual path, and much more. Very often, during the meeting, Prabhu answers all your internal questions, you don’t even need to ask them, you will get answers, guidance and motivation, you will get blessings to do the right thing.

You will find out a favorable time for undertaking important things. This is a brief description of all that you will hear. Every reading is unique, because all of us unique.
Chart update.
The choice of muhurta for the auspicious undertaking of important matters, in case of update of your chart.

Your horoscope or several horoscopes are considered in detail. You will receive guidance on how to achieve your desired goals and recommended auspicious dates.

Why is the choice of muhurta not made as the first request? Because it is not always possible for a person to see the situation completely and clearly, wanting to conclude an agreement or planning another important event. Therefore, with all undertakings, an initial consultation is necessary to make sure that the intention is correct.

Solving a specific problem, in case of update of your chart.
Your horoscope is considered for the current situation, as well as, if necessary, the partner's horoscope.

This information is necessary to analyze the time of birth using the SAMUDRIKA Vedic method, which is the most accurate.

Necessary information
Full name or spiritual name
Date of birth, place and time, you can write the approximate time of birth,
Briefly describe the purpose of your appeal, your education and profession. Describe your physical traumas, the surgical operations, birth marks on the body, large moles.
Photo for women
Photo of a face where you like yourself with an open smile (where teeth are visible)
Face in profile on both sides, with open neck and ears;
A full-length photo in clothes so that you can see the proportions of the figure;
Photo of your feet
Standing on the floor, bring the camera to the feet and take a general view of the front, including the fingers and ankle (one photo)
Photos of hands and palms. you
need good lighting so that the lines on the hand are clearly visible (no more than 2-4 photos)
Several Photos from life or a link to social networks with your photos.
Photo for men
Face, full-length photo, photo of the palms so that the lines are clearly visible.
Сhildren's horoscope
Name, Surname of the child, photo of the child and birth data

To harmonize the planets and help in your endeavors, you can order the recommended talismans with precious and semi-precious stones.



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